10 Reasons to try Cold Pressed

Ten Reasons why you should choose Wilsons Cold Pressed…

  1. We use good wholesome ALL-NATURAL ingredients. No additives, colours, sugars, preservatives or fillers. 
    We use only high-quality ingredients; British Chicken, Welsh Lamb and Scottish Salmon alongside wholesome British vegetables and specific functional ingredients… We know exactly what goes into our cold pressed food, and why!

  2. We mix all our food and cold-press at the minimum possible temperature (around 55-65°C) unlike regular kibble which is much higher (around 145°C). This helps to retain the maximum nutritional goodness of the ingredients.
    High temperatures result in the destruction of proteins, nutrients and the complexing of starches (sugars) reducing digestibility and thus absorption within the gut. Cold pressing minimises the impact of temperature damage and produces a food with greater digestibility and superior nutritional value.  The natural blending of materials and gentle pressing creates a high density, high nutrient, high digestibility product that breaks down quickly and easily in the digestive process; naturally releasing all the value and healthy goodness as it does so: MUCH better for doggie tums. Whereas, traditional kibble soaks up moisture, expands, can cause bloating, and can remain intact and partially digested for hours.
  3. Our Cold Press product is NUTRITIONALLY COMPLETE: the recipe, method and process, ensures the correct balance of ingredients and maximum potency of anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals: The lower temperatures used with Cold Press Technology allows a greater range of beneficial raw materials to be added, including fragile herbs; sources of essential vitamins and antioxidants, which have significant health benefits for our faithful companions. These cannot be used in traditional extruded ‘kibble’ as they would be almost entirely destroyed in the high temperature process.
  4. Our recipes are DESIGNED BY SCIENCE. everything we do is based upon the results of scientific data: designed with limited ingredient, single source protein to ensure maximum levels of canine health and digestibility. We have worked with the top nutritionists specialising in Cold Press products, who have designed the recipes from tens of thousands of hours of scientific study; creating a complete dog food with specific balance in all 6 of the major nutrient groups: Carbohydrate (to regulate energy) Protein, Fat, Vitamins, Minerals, Water.  26% Protein – Our careful selection of ingredients and Cold Press process ensures maximum quality, highly digestible protein with high levels of nutritional absorption. We have restricted protein levels to around 26% in our product as this is optimal for domestic dogs undertaking plenty of play. (Anything lower than 18% is too low. Higher protein levels are only appropriate for very active working or sports dogs and can in fact be harmful to inactive dogs with the possibility of excessive levels of protein resulting in gout, kidney stones, cardiovascular challenges and other complications. There is a, thankfully small ‘high protein’ school of thought in dog nutrition and products have been brought to market with even greater than 40% protein. The idea that this is good for dogs is a marketing claim that is not backed up by the scientific data).  14% Fat – Achieving the appropriate balance of Fat and Protein in a complete dog food is necessary to ensure the dog has enough energy while not suffering with complications. We have selected this level of fat to ensure the maximum transfer of fat-soluble vitamins (Vitamin A, D, E and K) and also to provide enough energy while avoiding the cardiovascular complications that may arise from a high fat diet.  2.5% Fibre – Appropriate level of fibre to aid the creation of well-formed stools. Again, too much fibre is not good. Check the bag; if it’s over 4%, you might want to consider a change of diet.  7% Raw Ash – This low percentage of indigestible, inorganic material indicates the quality of the raw ingredients being used and the benefits from the Cold Press technique. Essential minerals included are: calcium, phosphorous, zinc and iron.  Moisture 8% – a little water helps the ingredients bind together, yet creating a convenient ‘dry’ food; perfect and nutritionally complete for every day use, and ideal too for trips, weekends and holidays.
  5. Our recipes are carefully constructed to encourage GOOD INTESTINAL HEALTH.  Most dogs tolerate wheat and other grains quite well and have no adverse effects from having them in their diet. However, some do not. In some dogs, high levels of gluten (a protein found in wheat) can affect the digestive system, which can lead to malabsorption and immune suppression. This reduced efficiency in nutrient transfer, can lead to deterioration in behaviour, depression, skin and coat quality, or any number of other ailments. The reality is (as with humans!) dogs can be kept well with good nutrition. With a lot of dog foods, we really do not know what they actually contain! At Wilsons, we have full transparency and traceability of our ingredients. We know exactly what is going into our press, why, and where it is from. We have designed two of our products to be completely grain free with our other product using a low allergenicity grain: brown rice. The Lamb and Rice recipe is a work of functional ingredient art in its ability to promote healthy tums, it also has a super water works function; the rice is selected specifically for its property of alkalinity; it actually neutralises uric acid, this coupled with its ultra-low purine value; one of the lowest purine foods available anywhere; yet maintaining healthy protein levels too… makes it the perfect food for breeds with challenges in purine metabolism; which includes: Dalmatian, Beagle, Bulldog, Basset Hound, Cocker Spaniel, Bichon Frise, Miniature Schnauzer, Lhasa Apso, Miniature Poodle, Yorkshire Terrier, Dachshund, Newfoundland, Irish Terrier, Scottish Terrier and Irish Setter.
  6. We add carefully selected functional ingredients to support HEALTHY EYES.
  7. We include berries, roots and herbs to support strong IMMUNITY.
  8. We include natural anti-oxidants, to encourage health, vitality and LONGEVITYThe Cold Press technique has allowed us to incorporate super foods which provide additional vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  This careful addition of the data prescribed amount of berries, roots and herbs, boosts and strengthens the immune system, so that it can do its natural defensive and regenerative work; providing the right nutrition to effectively keep our faithful friends safe and healthy, for longer, happier lives. 
  9. We MANUFACTURE IN THE UK, in our purpose-built plant in Perthshire. Sourcing as locally as possible (even our carefully selected seaweed is harvested from coastal waters!) By doing so, we maintain full transparency and traceability of ingredients, we reduce our carbon footprint and support local farmers, suppliers and UK industry.
  10. In everything that we do… …IT’S BECAUSE WE LOVE OUR DOGS.

Transferring from regular kibble to Cold Pressed Dog Food…

Our Cold Pressed Dog Food has greater digestibility, is more wholesome nutritionally and has a greater bulk density than standard Kibbled food, so please take care in the following…

  • Overfeeding – A lower amount of food by volume should be fed at any one sitting. That means don’t use your standard receptacle when measuring out your four-legged friends’ meal. If you do; only fill it TWO THIRDS. Overfeeding can result in loose stool and also weight gain.

  • Transition – Blend from the old food type to the new over a period of about a week. Replacing approximately 20% of the meal with cold press per day (by day 3, half and half is about right but remember; only two thirds by volume of cold press, compared to dry extruded kibble)
  • Water – As with feeding any dry food, our Cold Press product should always be served with a bowl of fresh water, so that your doggie remains hydrated (another disadvantage of kibble with its expansion, is that it suppresses the desire to drink, often causing dehydration. If, with your new cold pressed dog food, you notice your dog drinking slightly more; this is a very good thing, that not only helps your dogs body function more efficiently, they will also be happier).

We could not be happier with the results; all dogs happier and healthier! We hope that you and your faithful friend also enjoy all the benefits of our Cold Press dog food; we are certain that you will be very happy with the results!  Please do keep in touch (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) we love all the stories and photos coming in to the office!

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