Our complete plant-based premium British dry dog food. Gently pressed with sweet potato, lentil & kale.

Unique protein source

  • Natural Proteins

  • High Fibre

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Joint Care

  • Natural Ingredients

  • Digestive Health

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Lighter on tummies and the planet

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Frequently Asked Questions

Definitely not. Our vegan food, like the rest of our range is compromise free. It’s complete and
nutritionally balanced.

Lots of people think dogs require meat in their diet. While there is scientific evidence to show dogs in fact thrive on a plant-based diet and are omnivores, at Wilsons, we’re all about offering choice for everyone.
All our recipes are created by experts and packed with nutrients, so rest assured whatever your beliefs
and preferences are, our food is the very best for your dog.

Absolutely. Plant-based sources provide protein in the same way as meat. The protein sources in our vegan recipe are highly digestible as well as containing the essential amino acids dogs need to thrive.

It is well researched that plants, fruits and veggies are lighter on our planet’s resources. The process of cold pressing food uses minimal energy, and all our products are packed in sustainable recyclable, biodegradable and compostable packaging.

No, it’s dry food but that’s where the similarities end. Kibble isextrudedat very hightemperatures. Whilecold pressed is gently pressed at much lower temperatures to retain nutrients and preserve the benefitsof our carefully selected ingredients.

As with most of our food, Vegan Protein is 100% grain free.

Absolutely – we recommend feeding from 2 months onwards blended with their existing puppy food.

We sell our food in 10kg boxes and 2kg boxes. But you can also purchase our food without the box at a 5%price reduction in our eco bags to decant