Over 150 years of Wilsons Pet Food

Robert Wilson Founder of Wilsons Pet FoodOver 150 years ago, Robert Wilson decided to give up back-breaking work on his farm in Dunfermline, Scotland to become a grain and feed merchant. His son, John, continued his legacy by using a borrowed horse and cart to buy and sell animal feed in the evenings.

Through sheer determination, John's knowledge and contacts continued to build until he was finally able to purchase labour-saving machinery allowing him to open his very own mill!

Wilsons Pet Food Historic AdvertThe mill was soon working around the clock churning out vast quantities of straight feeds such as bran and flaked maize, and mixings for lamb and poultry. By the mid-1960s, the company finally stopped linseed oil crushing after the development of the “expeller” process and began concentrating on muesli dog food. 

In 2018, after being bought by a new family-run business, we decided to bring the brand up-to-date with a new direction. Two new purpose-built factories were developed, the company was re-branded and now we are the only company to produce both Cold Pressed and Raw Frozen dog food in the UK

We are extremely proud of our Scottish heritage and continue to follow our ethos of producing quality food with 100% natural ingredients.

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Wilsons Pet Food Cold Pressed Raw Frozen Dog Food