A life less ordinary

Our guest bloggers, @darcy_boris_lily, set off on a two month adventure, heading for the mountains of Europe; France, Italy and Switzerland. Spending Christmas in the snow and alpine air, the adventure turned out even better than expected… Here they tell us all about it...

“The greatest part of a road trip isn’t arriving at your destination, it’s all the wild and crazy stuff that happens along the way. Here’s to creating memories this December and January that will hopefully last a lifetime. It sure will be a Christmas to Remember. We now have everything packed up and we are SO READY to spend almost every second outdoors, bring on the hikes, skiing and national parks. Pray we don’t all freeze to death without a warm shower to warm up in each night!

Gosh nothing is quite as beautiful and magical as nature and we could barely stop doin explores for da hoomans to capture dis. The mountains are just…? No words.  … we are packing in so many adventures and living in the moment on our trip around Europe… Our Europe Road Trip IZ even better than expected, life on wheels is the life we want to live every day?!”

@darcy_boris_lily chose to munch on Wilsons Cold Pressed for their travels..

“Wilson’s cold pressed food has been fuelling our adventures for just over a month and we are so pumped to tell you about it. Our hoomans are beyond picky about what we put in our bodies, but, they have fallen in love with Wilsons and we ALL go s at meal times for it, even Boris (the worlds harshest food critic). They have been wanting to move us on to a cold pressed food for a long time and they have finally succeeded with a food that is packed with nutrition and made in Britain . Our absolute favourite flavour is Mountain Stream, which is Scottish Salmon and Sweet Potato’s *drool*  . .

Apparently hoomans have noticed a few changes in us:

- A hell of a lot more energy  woooosh!

- Shinier and softer coats. The change is honestly insane!

- Brighttttt eyesssss  !

- More excitable at breakfast & dinner. Hand the food over and no one gets hurt  !

You can buy it in 3 delicious flavours that are all high in protein, grain free and very gentle on tummies. Because of how it’s made, WITH FAR LESS UNNECESSARY HEAT, the yummy raw taste is preserved, and it breaks down in our stomachs a lot quicker which allows for better digestion and then better absorption. Because of how it’s made, we ALSO get through our food a little slower as it’s so nutritionally dense compared to standard non-cold-pressed kibble. Which means better value for money. Wilsons dog food is a premium dog food but it’s so well priced already. Trust us when we say you won’t regret it. Happy nomming!

The days we spent hiking in the Alps were quite possibly our greatest days spent together as a family yet. The mountains just put everything in perspective for you. We parked our campervan the night before in the most ridiculously stunning spot and just stared at the mountains and the blanket of stars above us. We slept with the top open, so we could see as much of the mountains as possible, DESPITE the sub-zero temperatures and just did extra huddling and extra smashing of warm drinks and naughty food until we fell asleep.

Gosh wild camping is the way forward and van life is THE life.”

The great tragedy in life for many, is that they reach their last days and realise, that they have never lived at all. This does not apply to @darcy_boris_lily. They set an example; to be unconstrained by any limits set by ourselves, or others; to be not afraid and to just do!  Mediocrity and ordinary are just not for them.

What would you achieve, if YOU had no limits? What dreams, goals, plans do you have for the future? It’s never too late to start planning and having a great life; to seize the day every day and create a life that is a little bit more amazing than it would otherwise be. We all have within us, the seeds… to be and have and do, far more than we have ever achieved in our life to date… and we just have to understand… that we CAN.

The beginning of all change is desire. @darcy_boris_lily have taken these wise words of William Feather to heart and are pathfinders for us all