About our Scottish Factories

At Wilsons, we have two purpose built factories in Blairgowrie and Perthshire, Scotland where we produce our raw and cold pressed dog food. We also have a packing area in which your orders are processed, packed and dispatched. The areas which surround our Wilsons sites are gorgeously green, set in the Scottish highlands. We are proud to be a born and bred Scottish company, making all of our dog food in Scotland from the very beginning since 1861. 

Scottish Countryside Factory Dog Food

Our cold pressed production area

In the cold pressed production area, we house a purpose built production line which mixes our 100% natural ingredients, gently pressing them together into pellet form. These pellets are then cooled down, weighed and portioned into a variety of sized bags. In a bid to reduce our use of plastic packaging, we are soon to be introducing Cold Pressed Eco Boxes to our range which are fully recyclable. 

Our raw production area

Scottish Dog Food Factory

The raw production area we have a similar purpose built production line which minced and mixes together human grade meat, locally sourced vegetables and the essential vitamins and minerals we add to ensure your dog gets everything they need. Our raw food is then portioned and packaged into eco-pack trays which are compostable and biodegradable with fully recyclable sleeves. We store our raw food in walk in freezers which ensure the raw frozen food is as fresh as possible when it gets to you. 


Our packing area

The packing area houses all of our final product, including large walk-in freezers

Scottish Dog Food Factories

which store all of our Wilsons raw frozen as well as all of our own-label products. Our varieties of cold pressed dog food are stored in the warehouse along with various packaging supplies such as boxes, eco insulation and tapes. 

Throughout Covid-19 we have adapted in many ways to adhere to government guidelines to continue producing dog food for across the country. Read more about our Cold Pressed Dog Food and Raw Frozen Dog Food.