Breeding with Wilsons Pet Food

Breeders put a lot of time and research into breeding the best, and the food you choose must be up to the same quality!

At Wilsons Pet Food, we run a Breeders Club which gives 30% off all our food, and you'll also receive a 2.5kg bag of Mountain Stream Cold Pressed for each puppy to take to their new home, along with 20% off for the new owners! 

Fox Red Labrador breeder, Heather Toye from LushLabs tells us why she chose to feed Wilsons and hasn't looked back!

LushLabs and Wilsons Pet Food"Breeding dogs is more than just putting two dogs together and hoping for a happy outcome, it takes months of planning, health tests, meet and greets to meet the potential stud dogs... It's making sure that your bitch is at optimum fitness!

Here at LushLabs we are part of the cold pressed revolution. Many people haven't heard of cold pressed, vets included, as it's a new product in the dog food market. So why would I use it? Simple, it's the best! The nutritional value is higher than others around, the fact that it's cold pressed for goodness. Then don’t get me started on how it lowers the risk of bloat as the food doesn’t swell.

We have been on Wilsons Pet Food for over a year, we get comments on how amazing the dogs look - vets ask what are we feeding them as they are thriving!!! Answer is always Wilsons..

Puppies eating Wilsons Pet Food Cold PressedWhen it came to Izzy being put into pup this year we didn’t need to change to a puppy food for her as Wilsons is an all life-stage product, we just had to adjust the amount we gave her. Pleased to say she gave birth to 9 healthy pups!

Feeding 9 pups takes a lot out of the bitches body condition, however on Wilsons, Izzy lost no body condition - our vets were shocked at how amazing Izzy looked!

When the time came, the pups were also weaned onto Wilsons. We made it into a paste for them by mixing the food with a bit of water, they loved it!!! As the weeks went on, we started to let them have it dry.

LushLabsHere at LushLabs we don’t often put our name to things, but if you are going to do one thing, then please change to Wilsons. It is good for young dogs, pregnant dogs, old dogs… It's not full of any nasties, it's made in a purpose-built factory in Scotland and nearly all ingredients are sourced in the UK!! Not many other brands can boast that.

The plus side is that as its sooooo full of goodness you don’t need to feed as much as standard dog food.

Planning a 2020 litter so watch out !!!"

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