Connect with other dog lovers with the K9 Nation app

As we approach the end of 2020, looking back it’s been a difficult, and for many, a lonely year. 

With a rise in the number of dogs being purchased during lockdown, it’s no wonder lots of people have been looking for advice and support - this is where K9 Nation has been helping.

K9 Nation is a free online community to help support and connect dog owners in the UK, helping to combat loneliness and provide a wealth of knowledge, and in October this year they launched their brand new-look app.

Their app helps you find more than 700 dog-friendly walks, get helpful advice from experts, find new friends and walking buddies, discover dog-friendly products, services & events and soon it will also include a community benefits & discounts section!

Becky and Buddy

We met Becky, the founder of K9 Nation, at Just Dogs Live in 2019 where she was half way through her quest around the UK on the search for the most dog friendly companies. Here she tells us why she developed the app and how it’s already helped many dog owners across the country. 

“Buddy the Cockapoo came into my life at just 8 weeks old, back in November 2015. Having done lots of research, planned everything out and being as prepared as possible it was a shock to discover there was still so much I didn’t know. 

Having a dog, let alone a new puppy, can be hard work and can feel overwhelming at times.   Simple things like where do I find a good local dog walker or groomer that I can trust? Where can I go for new walks? I’m planning a trip and I want to find dog friendly places to stay!

It can be a minefield out there. I realised there was a need for an app that the dog owner community from anywhere in the UK could access, to give them all the information they might need. With this information dog owners could feel free to live life how they like, with their dog by their side. 

Buddy and Becky Cuddle

Buddy helped me to understand that dogs are a part of the family and now we are passionate about helping others in the dog owner community to enjoy their time together too. 

With the recent “Puppy Pandemic”, a surge in people getting dogs during lockdown, and the restrictions under which we find ourselves, as a result of the various lockdowns, it’s not hard to imagine that many people might be struggling with new dogs. There are a whole host of issues that are coming to the surface. Many are struggling to properly socialise their dogs, even seasoned dog owners, and are now seeing behavioural issues. Some dog owners are having to isolate which is resulting in fewer and shorter walks for their dogs.

Now, more than ever, we are all looking for ways to connect virtually and the K9 Nation app is a great tool for staying connected with other dog owners.”

Joining the K9 Nation community is as simple as downloading the K9 Nation app, then signing up for an account! Once you’ve downloaded the app you can create a profile for yourself as well as individual profiles for your dog(s). There’s an area in the dog profiles to store key information about your dog, in the event you might need it to hand in an emergency - everything is completely private and stored securely.

After registering on the app, you can access the community newsfeed, an area for everyone in the K9 Nation community to chat and share, and it’s full of useful information and articles written by experts. 

There are also over 700 walks listed on the K9 Nation app for people to discover and explore, all with their own reviews from other dog owners so you’re getting an honest look from a dog owner perspective.

Joanne Buckley was one of the first dog owners to start using the new look app and says  “the app really opened our eyes to so many new places . It’s helpful to be able to search for walks by distance or specific location so we can use it for areas further away that we don’t know so well.”
Fellow community member and brand ambassador Charlotte Wood said, “These days our phones are our go to for everything, so having everything dog related on one app is perfect.”

The free app is available now on both Android and iOS devices by clicking here. So, whether you are looking to connect with new friends, share cute pictures and engage socially, or you prefer to set your profile to private and simply access the useful information, there’s something for everyone.

For more information visit or find them on social @k9nationlimited on inInstagram and on Facebook