Health-Promoting Benefits of Wilsons Cold Pressed

Our New Eco Premium Cold Pressed dog food range will include six new recipes with each ingredient selected for its health-promoting properties to create a range of flavours to suit every dog. Alongside our new & improved, existing flavours; Clear Water Salmon, Succulent Chicken and Grass Fed Lamb, we have crafted three brand new flavours including Wild White Fish, Highland Venison & Trout and Farmhouse Turkey & Duck.

The launch of our delicious new flavours will see the introduction of several new proteins into the Wilsons range which aims to encourage offering protein variety into your dog’s diet as well as a number of immune boosting ingredients. We craft Premium, quality ranges that are truly good for dogs, continue reading to find out more about the specific health promoting properties of our ingredients...


Salmon and White Fish are both great sources of omega-3 fatty acids which provide various health benefits for dogs including promoting brain health, helping to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis, and reduce inflammation of the joints.

Turkey is high in protein, and low in fat, while Duck is a good source of B vitamins, our Farmhouse Turkey & Duck recipe also included Apple which is a good source of both fibre, a great resource for a dog's digestive tract and vitamin C. 

Included in both our Highland Venison & Trout and Wild White fish recipes, Green-Lipped mussels are a great natural anti-inflammatory.

Venison contains vitamin B, zinc, which is important for immune system function, and iron. Trout is a great protein source for dogs which is also full of omega-3 fatty acids with health benefits such as decreasing inflammation. 

Cranberry promotes good urinary health, this is included both our Grass Fed Lamb and Farmhouse Turkey & Duck recipes.

Chicken is a good source of energy and includes essential amino acids and glucosamine to promote healthy bones. Lamb is good source of protein and fat, and is great for dogs with food allergies or sensitivity. 

Seaweed is an entirely new ingredient in our new & improved cold pressed recipes, it is rich in antioxidants, is can also help to produce a thicker and shinier coat, enhanced immunity and energy as well as improved digestion. Turmeric further supports the immune system and your dog’s joints.

Sweet Potato is high in vitamin A, helping to support healthy skin, coat, eyes, nerves, and muscles in dogs. Our Succulent Chicken, Grass Fed Lamb and Highland Venison & Trout recipes all include sweet potato for its dietary benefits. 

Kale, which is included in our Clear Water Salmon and Succulent Chicken recipes supports both a healthy heart and bones.