Introducing Stacey from Kinguyakkii Siberian Huskies

Wilsons is proud to have a host of fantastic brand ambassadors who love our product as much as we do!

Stacey PikeWe’d love to introduce you to Stacey Pike, who runs Kinguyakkii Siberian Huskies sled dog team who are based on the South Wales coast. Stacey has been competing with the dogs since 2013 where she became a member of the Siberian Husky Club of Great Britain and entered her first rally in the Forest of Dean.

After her first competitive rally she was hooked and has been participating in rallies up and down the country ever since.

Here she tells us why she chose to feed her dogs Wilsons Cold Pressed:

Hello, I’m Stacey and I am the owner and operator of Kinguyakkii Siberian Huskies with my partner, Joe.

We have owned Huskies for the last 10 years - we have been racing for 9 years and showing for 6 years.

Previously we owned German Shepherd Dogs, so looking for food that suits all our dogs is sometimes difficult. Then I was introduced to Wilsons, a unique cold pressed super food with all the added supplements. As soon as a bit of water is added the pellet breaks down becoming soft which is perfect for my oldies, and with no water it’s crunchy which is perfect for our adults and pups.

With high fat and protein content, it also includes turmeric, dandelion root plus additional high quality supplements, it’s fantastic! Plus, it’s a UK produced brand so you know where the meat content is sourced from.

I couldn’t be happier to be sponsored by them, we hope we do them proud in return.


Stay tuned to find how Stacey gets on during this racing season…

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