Keeping your dog safe on walks

We all look forward to our daily walks with our dogs, but it's important to do everything we can to keep them as safe as possible. The team at Ubeequee give their top tips for helping to keep your dogs safe on their walks.

It’s a simple fact of life that you need to take your dog out for their daily dose of
exercise, but it’s also important to keep your dog safe during these dog walks. Whether you take your dog out yourself, or hire a professional, make sure you bare these safety tips in mind.

Stay visible

Staying visible is particularly important for you and your dog before the sun has risen and after the sun has set. Regardless of whether you walk your dog’s rurally or down busy streets, ensure that your dog is wearing a reflective collar or leash, so that you and others are aware of their whereabouts. A reflective coat could also prove useful in the cold winter months.

Pick a sensible route

Where possible, avoid heavily populated areas with lots of traffic. These areas could startle your dog and accidents are more likely to occur. If you are walking your dog in the dark, try and choose well-lit routes such as parks with street lighting.

Ensure your dog has a Doggy ID

Make sure that your dog is never without his/her Doggy ID. It’s important that they wear an ID tag which has your number so that if someone finds them on their own, they are able to contact you. If possible, avoid putting their name on this tag. In the unfortunate case that your dog is stolen, knowing your dog’s name can help them to bond.

Ubeequee Tracker

Track your dog 

Use a GPS dog tracker like Ubeequee's to keep an extra eye out on your dog. There’s nothing worse than you or your dog walker losing your dog on a walk. Using a dog tracker allows you to pinpoint the location of your dog from any distance and review up to 3 months of historical activity, meaning you always know your dogs’ whereabouts and favourite spots to disappear to. This can be extra handy if you prefer letting your dog off the lead or simply want peace of mind when your dog walker is taking them out.

Keep an eye on what they are sniffing

All sorts of nasty’s are dropped on the floor, made even worse by the fact people have only been able to socialise outside for the past year. What’s more, is there are often reported cases of people leaving poison down for dogs. Keeping your dog on a short lead can help you keep an eye on what they are sniffing and eating.

Be cautious of other dogs

Whilst some dogs are extremely friendly and want to play, this is not the case for all, with some being nervous of other dogs. Make sure you act cautiously when you approach another dog and put your dog on the lead if possible until you have passed one another.

Following the above tips will help keep you and your dog safe on dog walks. Keeping your dog safe is important because, after all, they are a part of your family.

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