Love Letters To Your Dog

For Valentine's Day we asked our brand ambassadors to write a "love letter" to their dogs, explaining why they are thankful for them and why they love them. Spread the love this Valentine's Day and do the same, tag us @wilsonspetfood!


"You bring a smile to my face every single day. It may be by your kindness or your goofy ways.

You keep me sane with walks and fresh air, you keep me on my toes when brushing your hair.

It's so much fun to own a dog but nothing will prepare you for when you find a log.

You could chase a ball all day long, and who's to say that this is wrong?

If you're having fun that's all that matters, you even have fun ripping teddy to tatters.

Your gentle nature and bold hello, or when you wander to and fro.

You lie in the doorways, you try to sleep, but when that fridge opens you take a peep.

Both of you are my best friend, I want to give you my all until the end.

Such support in with my bad rhymes, and there through it all and the hard times."

Danielle, for Izzy & Freddie @izzyfreddie


"I’m not a perfect person, I admit I have some flaws.

You came along with unconditional love and pitter patter paws.

As rescue dogs, settling in, took a little while.

But now you’re here and love your home you always make me smile.

Sometimes I can’t help it, I have attacks from PTSD.

But comfort is knowing right beside me you will always be.

You never judge, you never hate and everything you do.

Shows me that you love me, except rolling in fox poo!

You got me through the worst times and even losing Boo.

So let me take this opportunity to say that I love you."

Rosie, for Pixel, Dash, Slinky & Jessie @wanderlustwoofs


"Olaf! Friend, I don't know how we could have lived without you before! We love your soft fur, brown eyes, big ears and four paws. You are our happiness even when you steal our socks, eat our shoelaces and wake us up at 5am. We will always share a sandwich with you and take you everywhere with us! If anyone is wondering if this is a good time to take a dog or if they will find time for them - don't hesitate! Your life will be beautiful when you see a wet black nose every morning waiting for their first walk."

Natalia, for Olaf @olaf.thegoldenretriever