Pairing Raw Frozen and Cold Pressed meals

Raw Frozen and Cold Pressed are two of the best types of meals for your dog and they make the perfect pairing!

Raw Frozen Dog Food

What is raw dog food?

Raw food is as natural as you can get. Put simply, it's raw meat, offal and bone, without any heating or processing applied to it. 

In order to keep it fresh, once we've minced our food (and added with vegetables and minerals in our 70|10|10 range), it's packaged into our compostable plant-based trays and frozen, ready to be sent out to customers. Once you're ready to feed, simply pop in the fridge overnight to defrost and decant into your dogs bowl. It can be kept in the fridge for up to 4 days, great for smaller diets.

The best part about raw food, is it's a well-balanced meal, proven to have many health benefits including improved digestion, skin, coat and all-round health. 

What is cold pressed dog food?

Cold pressed dog food is a dry alternative to raw frozen. Unlike traditional kibble, it's minimally processed and gently pressed using much lower temperatures, which is key in retaining all the nutrients from our ingredients and helping food to break down quickly and gently in dogs' tummies, preventing bloating. 

It's kept in a cool, dry spot in the house in our paper bags or cardboard boxes, with no preparation necessary. Simply weigh out at mealtimes and serve in your dog's favourite bowl, as easy as that. 

Is raw or cold pressed best for my dog?

This comes down to personal preference. We believe in providing the right option for each dog & owner. 

Our premium cold pressed dog food is available in 2kg or 10kg boxes/bags, and our working dog cold pressed comes in 15kg bags - perfect for owners who are who prefer a dry food.

Our raw frozen comes in 500g trays in packs of 16, 24 or 32. You can either buy our Premium 70|10|10|10 Raw Frozen, a mix of meat, offal and bone which contains all the vegetables and minerals a dog needs for a complete meal making it perfect for new raw feeders or owners who are looking for an easy-to-feed diet. Or there's our Core 80|10|10 Raw Frozen containing meat, offal and bone, which is perfect for more experienced raw feeders who prefer to include their own vegetables and minerals. 

Dougal eating Raw and Cold Pressed Dog Food

Can I feed raw and cold pressed together?

Yes you can feed raw and cold pressed together in the same bowl! 

The best part about our two ranges, is they both break down at the same rate, making them a great combination. 

This is unlike traditional dry kibble, which you shouldn't feed in the same bowl with raw food due to the fact it doesn't break down at the same rate and could cause your dog's stomach to knot.

The best way to work out how much you need of each, is to simply work out how much food your dog needs of each type of food per meal then work out the ratio of each. For example: If your dog is 10kg and having 2 meals per day, they would require 81g cold pressed or 100g raw food. If you wished to feed 50:50, you would weigh out 40.5g cold pressed and 50g raw per meal. 

Can I switch between raw and cold pressed?

Yes you can also alternate your meals between raw and cold pressed without having to gradually switch, this is because both types of food break down at the same rate.

Some owners prefer to feed cold pressed for one meal and raw for another, or to have raw meals as special treats if they, for example, have limited freezer space.

If you're a raw feeder who travels a lot with their dog, cold pressed is also a great alternative for holidays as it's easy to transport and store, without the need for a fridge or freezer.