Premium or Core Raw Frozen: What's The Difference?

We offer two ranges of raw frozen dog food at Wilsons, our Core range and our Premium range. Made using single source protein, both grain-free ranges are produced in Scotland using the best locally sourced ingredients. Raw frozen food has great benefits including helping to improve your dog’s fur, skin, digestion, and all-round health. Now available in our brand new eco packs, the trays are biodegradable, and the cardboard sleeve is widely recyclable.

 Premium Raw Frozen Dog Food

Our Premium Raw Frozen range is nutritionally complete & available in a wide range of delicious, humanised recipes. The recipes contain a 70|10|10|10 mix of meat, bone, offal and vegetables including delicious carrot, spinach, broccoli and kale. To ensure dogs are provided with a well-rounded meal, the range has added vitamins and minerals.

In essence, our Premium range is created for customers who are new to raw or want a hassle free raw, it is a complete meal already blended with vegetables, herbs & minerals with no need for additions.

Core Raw Frozen Dog Food


Our single source protein Core Raw Frozen range is an 80|10|10 recipe meaning that it includes 80% meat, 10% bone and 10% offal without added vegetables. Available in four flavours; Turkey, Chicken, Beef and Lamb, 80|10|10 raw dog food is perfect for experience or DIY raw feeders.

Our Core range is crafted for customers who have fed raw before and are looking for a DIY raw, recipes are a complete meal blended with meat, bone & offal, ready for additions.


Both Raw Frozen ranges are a great accompaniment to our Cold Pressed food as the two break down at a similar rate. Our delicious Cold Pressed is gently pressed at a low temperature to help retain key nutrients, helping to improve digestion.