Wait or Weight?

Our guest blogger, instagram star @izzyfreddie, tells us about her search for the perfect food to help her pup Freddie put on weight and keep healthy...


Has anyone had trouble with allergies with their dog? The answer is most likely yes.

Well the same goes for me and Freddie… When we brought him home, he was on a very expensive well-known brand of kibble but his excretions were never solid. We had the vet check him a few times because he was not gaining weight as he should have been. The vet decided that we should try grain free, so we changed him, albeit slowly, to another brand of kibble that was grain free but still to no avail.

About 6 months after the switch Freddie had blood in his poo and diarrhoea for 5 days and nothing seemed to change it. I decided to starve him for 24 hours and put him on a new kibble - it was a salmon kibble with no grain… breakthrough moment!  It turns out for his first 2 years, he was actually intolerant to chicken and wheat! Poor puppy.

So, then he started to put weight on, but his coat wasn’t in the best condition and his energy levels were just as bad as when he was on chicken food; after every meal he was bloated and sluggish - he was not happy and nor was I.

Freddie is an active dog, competing in agility and cani-cross and also being an expert trick dog, so he needs a sharp mind and active body! My beautiful boy is also a model, so coat condition and overall health is of the upmost importance, especially to anyone we work for!

Then along came Wilsons! I had heard about cold pressed dog food and couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a free sample - Freddie LOVED IT. I started changing him slowly over to the new food; knowing how sensitive he was, I had to be careful. First, we tried the salmon, and Freddie was better! No more bloating and his poops were solid. After months and months of upset, this was a Miracle!  Then, next, the lamb and rice… as it is designed for sensitive tums, we gave that a try too and now; I would never look back! I’ve even put Izzy (my lurcher) on it (she loves the chicken!) because the food is just outstanding (and previously, she did about 6 smelly poops per day – eugh!)

I cannot thank everyone at Wilsons enough for their help. This amazing food has changed my boy’s life for the better - so much so that we hope to complete a dog triathlon (tri-Dog) later in the year!!


It’s been a pleasure for us at Wilsons, to watch Izzy and Freddie grow in health and happiness over the recent months. 

Are you inspired to give cold pressed a try? Why not grab a sample on our website LINK HERE