The birth of Wilsons Cold Pressed Dog Food

We launched our new Premium Cold Pressed Dog Food in September 2018 and we could not be happier with the results.

The cold press process itself brings a number of benefits, however at Wilsons we are mindful that a well-rounded product needs good quality ingredients and a well-balanced recipe, which is why we teamed up with one of the world's leading nutritionists to develop dog food that your pup will just fall in love with.

As dog owners, we want to know that what we're feeding our dogs is the very best and that's why the majority of our ingredients are sourced from reliable and high quality suppliers around the UK.

Managing Director and Co-Owner, Craig Wallace, spoke to Sal at WoofWagWalk… 

What inspired you to develop a cold pressed range?

"I was fed up of poor quality dog foods and from my years in food manufacture, I knew there had to be a better way."

How did you research and develop the recipe for your food?
“There are a number of companies that import cold pressed food from Europe, where cold press technology is already an established industry, but we were only interested in manufacturing here in the UK. 

Once our purpose-built factory was in motion, we then sought out one of the world’s leading nutritional experts in the industry to help us develop our recipes. She explained the expense and difficulty in creating positive nutritional value with a limited ingredient/protein diet which, backed by scientific data, was her standard. For us, there was just one question too: “CAN we please use your recipes?” so a perfect partnership began!

For us, there would be no compromise; the intention was to make the very best, perfectly balanced, nutritionally complete, cold pressed dog food with the exact amount of additional functional ingredients that all the scientific data over the years had indicated, to produce the best possible cold pressed dog food we possibly could. The most wonderful thing is the feedback we are already getting back from those who have been trialling the food. We couldn't happier with the results!”

3. Do you have dogs of your own, and if so, do they eat Wilsons Cold Pressed?
“We have Bruce, our Dogue de Bordeaux! He’s still a big puppy really, not even two. He’s precious, and on the cold pressed, of course. He likes the Lamb & Rice best! That’s what makes him happy and that’s what it’s all about.”


Our recipes have been designed with only the essential ingredients and a single source protein. These high-quality ingredients combine with our carefully balanced functional ingredients, such as berries, roots and herbs to boost and strengthen the immune system, providing the right nutrition to effectively keep our faithful friends safe and healthy. 

If you're thinking of trying Wilsons Pet Food, why not try a sample for free? Simply choose your pooch's favourite flavour and add to the checkout. There is a small charge of just £2.50 to cover P&P but we are confident that you may be back for a bigger bag!