What is Cold Pressed Dog Food?

If you’re looking for a dry dog food which is high in nutrients, minimally processed and improves digestion, cold pressed is the perfect option.

How it's made

Cold pressed dog food is different in the way it is manufactured. Traditional kibble is cooked using high temperatures and pressure, whereas cold pressed is gently pressed using much lower temperatures and pushed out of a tube, which is why it comes out looking more like a pellet rather than in solid shapes.

Benefits of cold pressed

Using high temperatures can result in the destruction of proteins and complexing of starches, making it harder to digest. This process means that up to 40% of its nutritional value is lost, similar to cooking your veg on a high heat for a long period of time. In comparison cold pressing minimises the impact of temperature and ultimately improves digestion and retains nutrients.

Lower temperatures also allow cold pressed recipes to include a wider range of ingredients including fragile herbs and spices which bring significant health benefits without being destroyed in the traditional kibble extrusion process.

You’ll find that when comparing the two, cold pressed is much softer while maintaining its crunch which helps aid digestion and reduces the risk of bloating because it breaks down quickly.

Great for raw feeders

If you’re a raw feeder, cold pressed dog food is a great dry alternative to raw because they break down at the same rate – you can even feed the two together in the same bowl!

Each bag lasts longer

As cold pressed retains more nutrients, each pellet is therefore more nutritionally dense so you only need to feed around 30% less than your current kibble.

Wilsons Pet Food have a wide range of premium and working dog cold pressed dog food, with grain-free options available, all 100% natural and made right here in the UK