What Is Raw Dog Food?

We have two ranges of raw frozen dog food including Core and Premium which, put simply, are raw minced meat, similar in texture to burgers and meatballs. Raw Frozen dog food will arrive to you fully frozen for you to store in your freezer before defrosting in the fridge before feeding. 

Premium Raw Dog Food & Core Raw Dog Food

Our Premium range is created for customers who are new to raw or are looking for a hassle free raw, a complete meal already blended with vegetables, herbs & minerals. Our Core 80|10|10 range is created for customers who have fed raw before and want DIY raw, a complete meal blended with meat, bone & offal, ready for additions. Find out more about the difference between Premium Raw Frozen and Core 80|10|10 Raw. 

How to Feed Raw Frozen

Natural doesn't have to mean fussy for our customers. Simply...

View our Raw Frozen Dog Food Feeding Guide.